It is always a hard way for me to tell me about myself. Maybe it is because I can’t lie nor fool my own self that I do not know me at all. And it is still. All I can do to tell others about me is telling how I see myself, how others might see me, and even how I want to be known by others. Maybe this is the main factor that always makes me fail in every interview I had, I always said “I don’t know” if I was told to tell about my self.

For an instance, I can tell you that Acang is my name, grown up at small town named Sumenep, lying on Madura island.

That is all, but I can ensure that it is not me. It is just my name, my place where I grown up, maybe I can tell about my jobs, my personality, but I always just say “I don’t know” if I was told to tell about myself.

Anybody can?

In this life, I am one of so many people who convincing about the unity of everything. Universe is also our own self. Classification and categorization of all things in the world is just to ease our effort to learn and talk about something. But, there always be One principle and similar thing in everything, from and aimed to The Only One, The Incomparable One. It is what I know as kalimatun sawa’. That is, I am living my life to learn about this thing.

3 thoughts on “About

  1. detikmadura says:

    salam kenal saudaraku … ada foto dan profil ? kita akan ingin memasukkan anda ke list komunitas detikmadura.com …..

    bolehkah ??
    send to our email …

    mator sakalangkong taretan

  2. Chike says:

    Wewww,, ada nama kampung gw neh disebut2, hehe.. pernah ke Takengon yaahh? Tadinya lagi nyari info soal Sabang, eehh masuk ke blog nya Acang. Very nice pic!! terutama yg Takengon, hehe.. boleh di dwonload yah?

  3. faried indrayanta says:

    Mas, aku pengen tahu lebih dalam tentang your believe about knowing our self, who we are ?

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