Prefabricated Panels for Temporary Structures

Prefabricated Panels for Temporary Structures


Civil Engineering – Construction


Temporary structures are often used to provide quick shelter from the
elements or to partition indoor space. They must disassemble and be durable and
reusable. Many systems exist for creating temporary structures, but most require
many different parts. This invention describes a standardized panel and
clip-based system for easily assembling temporary, prefabricated indoor or
outdoor structures.
The panels come in several different sizes and two
shapes, rectangular and triangular. They are synthetic, with a lip around the
inside that has notches at designated intervals. The releasable clips fit over
the lip when the notches are aligned and slide laterally to secure the panels


  • Easy to assemble and disassemble
  • Stackable for transport and storage
  • Durable and reusable
  • Standardized panel sizes: Rectangles, two feet by two feet up to four
    feet by eight feet; right triangles with legs of three feet or four feet
  • Releasable clips for linear and corner connections
  • Weather-tight seal
  • Panels can be made of various materials
  • Can be insulated
  • Flexible bracing members available to help support panels
  • Can be used for temporary saunas, outdoor sales booths and interior room
    dividers, as well as shelters
  • May incorporate doors and windows


Jerome Johnson, Shawn L. Herkstroeter, Nathan Mielke, Andrew Schieber


Patent applied for.


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Technology Summary – WARF: T04016US – Prefabricated Panels for Temporary Structures


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